About Oracle BI Standard Edition One Business IntelligenceTools andTheir Key Features

About Oracle BI Standard Edition One Business IntelligenceTools andTheir Key Features – Oracle Business Intelligence Tools (Oracle BI) is a software application that provides an integrated and comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management System.

About Oracle BI Standard Edition One Business IntelligenceTools andTheir Key Features

It is a management and data integration tool that also includes querying, reporting, analyzing, and alerting capabilities.


  1. Reduce the complexity of the analytics strategy by settling on a single integrated platform.
  2. Implementing centralized data models and metrics will provide an all-encompassing representation of the company.
  3. Facilitates business executives’ access to and exploration of data in a secure environment.
  4. Establish direct connections to additional Oracle sources and Big Data to conduct more comprehensive and detailed analyses.
  5. Provide key decision-makers with the ability to rapidly discover answers to predictive and statistical questions.
  6. By executing R scripts in batch mode, it provides business analysts with the ability to construct mash-up data sets.
  7. It comes with hundreds of ready-made functions that can help speed up research performed with R scripts.
  8. Provides the ability to create a narrative around any Business IntelligenceTools using visually stunning analytics.
  9. Through the creation of rich data mash-ups, you can obtain some very specific insights.
  10. You can view, analyze, and make changes to data either in the cloud or on your own premises.
  11. Build mobile applications for data analysis without having to write a single word of code.
  12. Apps can be built just once and distributed anywhere because they are responsive to any screen size and any device.
  13. Provide improvements that take place in memory
  14. Enhance the functionality of the data mash-up.
  15. Faster query functionality
  16. Put your data in the computer, and examine it from every possible perspective, so that you can find problems and new possibilities.
  17. Combine all kinds of regional and organizational information.
  18. You have the option to restrict Search.
  19. Provides a reporting choice for Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Industries, Enterprises, and Narratives.
  20. Offers a variety of charts, including Radar, Area, Bar, Line, and Pie charts.
  21. Connectors are available for both asynchronous and synchronous communication.
  22. Columns Displayed, Email Response, Salutation Applet, Screen Links, Send Mail, and Site Map are some of the templates that are provided here.
  23. CSA STAR, ISO 9001, PCI DSS, SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3 are some of the compliance standards that can be supported.
  24. Offers analytical support for Oracle Fusion CX, Oracle Fusion ERP, and Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management
  25. Data and Reporting, User Interface, Security, Accessibility, Monitoring, Globalization, and Workflow and Process Automation are some of the features that are offered.
  26. Offers Data Analytics, Real-Time Reporting, Embedded Analytics, Natural and Language Processing, a Drag-and-Drop Interface, Customized Reports, Text Analytics, and a Query Builder That Requires No Coding.
  27. Having earned the confidence of well-known Business IntelligenceTools such as Adventist Health, Bata, Chipotle, Deutsche Bahn, Dropbox, Experian, and FedEx
  28. It offers support to customers through Live Chat, the telephone, and a contact form.
  29. Windows and Linux are the supported operating systems.
  30. The prices for the plans begin at $87.25 per month.
  31. Free Trial: Free Trial for a Period of 30 Days

Download link : https://www.oracle.com/