How to Get a Job as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon –  For the Amazon business intelligence job, there is one mobile screen, one professional interview in SQL and possibly Python, and then 4-5 interviews in a row at the office.

It’s important to know that during the interview process, the sixteen Amazon Leadership Principles will be the major focus.

You can expect each interview question to be about a different leadership principle. Before your first interview, you should write down important examples in SMART format that best fit each leadership principle.

How to Get a Job as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Business Intelligence Engineer for Amazon and AWS on the Phone
During the first phone interview, most of the time is spent getting to know your background, job expectations, and cultural fit.

You can expect behavior-based questions that try to figure out what you know about certain languages, situations, and past projects.

Don’t forget to ask interviewers why they are hiring for this specific job, how long they have worked at Amazon, and how the interview process works.

Common Amazon/AWS Business Intelligence engineer phone screen questions:

Why Amazon?

What does this job at Amazon do?

What’s your best achievement?

What’s the difference between an OLAP database and a transactional database?

Interview with an Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer in SQL

The technical interview will take place on a platform for live writing or in notepad

No matter what, try to avoid making these three SQL interview mistakes. They happen a lot and can be stopped with the right training.

First, the interviewer will ask you 3–4 Amazon SQL interview questions to see how well you know SQL. Then, he or she will ask you 1–2 Python questions.

Typical technical interview questions for an Amazon/AWS Business Intelligence Engineer:

Write a query to find out what each department’s average pay is. Round the answer to two places after the number.

The HR team wants you to write a query to find all workers who started before their manager.

Please put the order in ASC order by employee_startdate.Your portfolio manager wants to know which startups need help and has asked you to write a question that shows US startups that haven’t made any sales yet.

The Career Path of an Amazon Business Intelligence Engineer

There is no one way to become a BI engineer. Even if you work in data science, you might find the role of BI engineer more interesting. Here are some common jobs that lead to the role of BI engineer.

  • Analyst of business
  • Analyst of business data
  • Expert in technical matters
  • Data expert

So, you can still get an offer for a BI engineer job even if you don’t have one of those jobs on your resume.

After becoming a BI engineer, these are some of the most usual next steps,

  • Data scientist
  • Data expert
  • Data analyst
  • manager of products
  • Software developer

It really depends on how well-known you are and what you are working on. We’ve heard from AWS Business Intelligence Engineers that because they work on so many different technical projects, it can be hard to figure out the right job path.